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20′ Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen – Package with Rope, Blower + Tent Stakes – Great for Outdoor Backyard Pool Fun (20 feet)

Product Features:

    20ft Inflatable movie screenCONTENTS:Inflatable Frame(Oxford) 1 pc   Movie Screen 1 pc  Tether Stakes 4 pcs  Base Stakes 8 pcs  Nylon Tethers 4 pcs  Storage Bag 1 pc Blower 250W, 120V 1 pcCreated with superior quality materials, this 20ft screen allows you to watch your favorite movie or the latest series season relaxed on your backyard or by the pool area. Have fun and enjoy precious moments with your friends or your family. This huge screen can be easily inflated with the provided air blower and it will be fully blown in less than 2 minutes.Inflate this enormous screen and have fun with your favorite movie in your personal outdoor movie theater.Our huge projection screen comes with a convenient carry bag in order for you to take your inflatable movie screen wherever you want.This is a musthave equipment for some serious outdoor fun! Set it up and relax in your own night movie out on your backyard or by the pool, enjoy a classic movie or a lately released blockbuster. On the other hand, you can watch music videos, have a drink and get this party started!IDEAL OUTDOOR VIEWING - The white projection screen size is 12.6 feet by 7.1 feet with an aspect ratio of 16:9. At…
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Product Description

20ft Inflatable movie screen


Inflatable Frame(Oxford) 1 pc   Movie Screen 1 pc  Tether Stakes 4 pcs  Base Stakes 8 pcs  

Nylon Tethers 4 pcs  Storage Bag 1 pc Blower 250W, 120V 1 pc

Created with superior quality materials, this 20ft screen allows you to watch your favorite movie or the latest series season relaxed on your backyard or by the pool area. 

Have fun and enjoy precious moments with your friends or your family. 

This huge screen can be easily inflated with the provided air blower and it will be fully blown in less than 2 minutes.

Inflate this enormous screen and have fun with your favorite movie in your personal outdoor movie theater.

Our huge projection screen comes with a convenient carry bag in order for you to take your inflatable movie screen wherever you want.

This is a musthave equipment for some serious outdoor fun! Set it up and relax in your own night movie out on your backyard or by the pool, enjoy a classic movie or a lately released blockbuster. On the other hand, you can watch music videos, have a drink and get this party started!

Product Features

  • IDEAL OUTDOOR VIEWING – The white projection screen size is 12.6 feet by 7.1 feet with an aspect ratio of 16:9. At 15.6 feet by 12.1 feet , our 20ft outdoor Inflatable movie screen is perfect for parties and gatherings!
  • FRONT PROJECTION-Our 20 ft outdoor projection screen adopts a two-color professional projection material. The back of the screen is black PVC coating while the front is white PVC coating and the surface of the front is fine which brings high projection brightness, high contrast and good color reproduction.
  • EFFORTLESSLY PORTABLE : this amazing, huge 20 feet outdoor movie screen comes with a convenient storage bag that allows you to carry your inflatable movie screen wherever you want. This portable projector screen is lightweight enough to take it with you in every relevant occasion for impressive projections.
  • COMPLETE WITH QUIET ELECTRIC BLOWER – This outdoor projector screen with stand delivers full blowup inflation with low noise in around 2 minutes. SUPER EASY MAINTENANCE – This Mega inflatable theater screen is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. The black frame can be wiped clean with any cloth, while the white screen is held on by Velcro and is fully detachable.
  • YOUR OWN NIGHT MOVIE THEATER – This is a must-have equipment for some serious outdoor fun! Set it up and relax in your own night movie out on your backyard or by the pool, enjoy a classic movie or a lately released blockbuster. On the other hand, you can watch music videos, have a drink and get this party started with this Big outdoor Inflatable projector screen.