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FANZHOU Mini Projector Portable LED LCD Projector Full HD 1080P Supported Childrens Mini Early Education Projector Home Theater & Outdoor Projector Gifts for Kids

Product Features:

    Description:Technical parametera) Projection maximum video decoding capability: 720Pb) Projection size: 6.7 to 80 inchesc) Focusing distance: 0.3~2md) Maximum brightness: >130 LUX (6.7 inches)e) Battery capacity: 2000mAhf) Charging mode: Micro USBg) Storage method: TF card With packaging 20Ã-8Ã-17cm 370g bare metal 10.4x6x14cm 245gSpecifications: T2 Children's Slide Projector Early Childhood Machine…
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Product Description

Technical parametera) Projection maximum video decoding capability: 720P
b) Projection size: 6.7 to 80 inches
c) Focusing distance: 0.3~2m
d) Maximum brightness: >130 LUX (6.7 inches)
e) Battery capacity: 2000mAh
f) Charging mode: Micro USB
g) Storage method: TF card
With packaging 20Ã-8Ã-17cm 370g bare metal 10.4x6x14cm 245g
T2 Children’s Slide Projector Early Childhood Machine Parent Child Projector Toys
Package Included:
1*USB cable

Product Features

  • *Bionic design — imitating the cute appearance of the elephants water spray, more vivid image, while using the elephants nose and water column as a handle, convenient for children to carry.
  • *4 big functions — combined with watching animation, looking at pictures, word recognition, listening to music and other multi-functional sets of projector, using projection to cause babys curiosity and increase babys fun.
  • *Eye protection — Projection reflects the picture and video onto the display object through the LED light source. The baby is looking at the display object. Light does not directly enter the eye, it can protect the babys vision while strengthening the babys learning motivation.
  • *Size ratio — Depending on the light, the projection distance and size can be adjusted. The projection distance is 0.3-2M (11.8 – 78.7 inch).
  • *Multiple interfaces, including HDMI, USB port, TF card slot, AV out to connect with various devices.
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3M MP300 Mobile

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