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Kids Mini Projector, ROTEK Kids Stories Zoomable Video Projector, Songs and Animations Player with 32GB TF Card, Home & Outdoor Projector Gifts for Kids (Blue).

Product Features:

    Description:1. Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, full power can work for about 2 hours, charging time is about 4 hours (5V 2A charger).2. Support TF card, Standard 32G card include.3. Built-in 1W internal magnetic horn, the sound is loud and sweet.4.Micro USB charging interface (recommended to use 5V 2W…
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Product Description

1. Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, full power can work for about 2 hours, charging time is about 4 hours (5V 2A charger).
2. Support TF card, Standard 32G card include.
3. Built-in 1W internal magnetic horn, the sound is loud and sweet.
4.Micro USB charging interface (recommended to use 5V 2W charger charging, variable charging side).
5. Animation: It can decode 720P and the following common video formats, and can place appropriate children’s songs, stories and cartoons according to the age of the child.
6. Literacy: Play Chinese characters and corresponding prompts to help children understand the correct writing of Chinese characters.

1- After booting, it takes about 6-10 seconds to display. The projectors are the same and have this process.
2- Standard 32G card,we provide some related learning materials, videos, etc., can be deleted and replaced by yourself.
Note that you cannot delete a folder, change the folder name, and only change files.
3- If the card is damaged or lost, please follow the instructions to create 4 folders and access the data according to the format.
If you need a data source, you can contact us. Please purchase the original genuine TF card above the high speed Class10.
4-Video only supports 720P. If it is exceeded, it cannot be displayed.
5- It is recommended to watch at a distance of about 1. 2 meters, and in a darker environment, the effect is better.
6-The light is dimmed and should be recharged in time.
7-This product can be prevented from falling 1.2 meters, it is not waterproof.

Projection maximum video decoding capability: 720P
Projection size: 6.7 to 80 inches
Focusing distance: 0.3~2m
Maximum brightness: >130 LUX (6.7 inches)

The package includes:
1xTF Card
1x USB Cable
1x User Instructions

Product Features

  • Great gift for kids: Baby elephant water spray bionic design, cute appearance, creative, with lively colors, unlike common devices such as TVs, cell phones and tablets, this newly designed elephant projector will win the kid’s favour.
  • Synchronization of sound and picture: Baby education relies on sound (such as: early education machine) or relying on pictures (such as: literacy pictures) often does not achieve the desired effect, synchronized sound and picture, and repeated play, can make the baby master faster Some basic knowledge. This is very intuitive and can also cause the baby’s curiosity.
  • Multifunctional portable projector: A baby projector with four main functions that can watch animations, see pictures, listen to music, recognize words, etc.It is common to use screens, but projections are generally rare. This can cause the baby’s curiosity and increase the fun of the baby. The baby squats early in the projector, you can take a photo while walking, and then you can watch the animation inside, early teaching content and so on.
  • Protect the eyes: The use of our kids mini projector does not directly stimulate the child’s eyes like mobile phones,tablets and TVs. The projection is to reflect the picture video to the display through the LED light source. the light source does not directly hit the eye , so there is no harm to kids. Using the projector for a long time will protect your child’s vision.
  • Suitable for all kinds of places : The projection distance is 0.3-2M. When the projection distance is changed, you need to rotate the lens or move the machine back and forth to refocus to keep the projected picture clear. It can be projected anywhere on the wall, desktop, floor, ceiling, tent, body, and objects of interest to children (different objects have different reflective).