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Wireless Presentation Clicker 360 Degree Flip Pen PPT Remote Control Page Pen Wireless Red Light Pointer Projection Pen

Product Features:

    The main function :1.PPT pointer and mouse function2. Up/down (pageUppageDown)3. Open the webpage4. Open my computer5. Open Outlook email6. Open webpage favorites7. Display the desktop8. Close the current window9. Screen switch Alt+Tab and ESC key functionsCentral control technology; wireless / RF technologyRF frequency: 2.4GHZTrackball division rate, 400DPLaser range: greater…
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Product Description

The main function :
1.PPT pointer and mouse function
2. Up/down (pageUppageDown)
3. Open the webpage
4. Open my computer
5. Open Outlook email
6. Open webpage favorites
7. Display the desktop
8. Close the current window
9. Screen switch Alt+Tab and ESC key functions
Central control technology; wireless / RF technology
RF frequency: 2.4GHZ
Trackball division rate, 400DP
Laser range: greater than 800 meters
Remote control distance: no less than 15 meters
Recommended battery: AAX2
Computer interface, USB1.1 or JSB2.0 interface, plug and play, no special driver required

Product Features

  • Remote control technology: Wireless RF technology, designed with ergonomics, feels very comfortable in the hand.
  • Computer interface: USB interface, plug and play, no dedicated driver
  • Remote control page pen: remote control distance, no less than 10 meters, shooting distance, no less than 200 meters
  • Power saving device: automatic sleep function, saving electricity
  • Multi-system compatibility: Suitable for WINDOWS98/2000/ME/XP various systems, supporting the display of various files (such as PowerPoint presentation files, picture browsing, OFFICE files, etc.), web pages, e-book browsing